In order to identify and understand your goals and objectives, our professionals commence with a clean slate. Your distinctly personal goals are firmly in mind when we construct your tailor-made portfolio.

To begin with, a dedicated Investment counselor will be allocated to you. His/her job is to gain an in-depth understanding of your financial circumstances and gauge your investment objectives. Your counselor will also be your key reference point and he or she will coordinate the deployment of whichever Sino Link Japan professional your particular circumstances require.

Your portfolio’s ability to deliver superior investment returns is entirely dependent upon the use of a disciplined, judicious and structured strategic approach.

The overwhelming majority of our portfolios include stocks or equities as a base for capital growth. We use a ground-up selection process although we’re always mindful of the top down influences of a macro-economic outlook and we also pay particular attention to industry sectors. Any stock we recommend will meet stringent criteria in terms of its fundamental attributes including price-to-earnings ratios, earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) and price-to-debt ratios.

When the bias is towards preserving wealth, we lean towards fixed income assets and choose from any number of bond funds and exchange traded funds tracking bonds issued by sovereign governments and/or blue chip corporations. The most desirable outcome is one in which the principal investment remains intact while the yield (or coupon/interest) the capital attracts is far superior to that available from, say, a cash deposit account at a bank.