In terms of asset classes, products and technology, the investment and wealth management landscape has grown exponentially in recent years. Whilst this evolution has been beneficial in many ways, it has also presented would-be investors with a truly bewildering level of choice which, if not carefully evaluated for suitability to individual circumstances, can culminate in considerable loss of capital.

Sino Link Japan is dedicated to the empowerment of the individual investor who has hitherto played second fiddle to the so-called “smart money” or corporations with colossal purchasing power. We provide guidance to those wishing to secure their financial wellbeing through the application of sound investment principles and the highest level of service delivery.


The Story So Far
Sino Link Japan story began 3 years ago when three senior executives at two highly respected investment brokerages saw the potential for re-developing the more traditional methods of corporate financing as cracks began appear in the private equity and securitization markets. At the same time, they foresaw that the then imminent market turbulence would see primary investor sentiment shift to focus more on the return OF money than the return ON money.

Sino Link Japan was duly launched to capitalize on the need for businesses to maintain access to essential funding. The establishment of our investment and wealth management practice followed soon after as both institutional and private investors sought to avail themselves of the new opportunities that emerged from the carnage of the 2008 global financial crisis.

Since then, we have expanded both the sphere and the reach of our influence and now manage in excess of US$14 billion for both institutional and private investors.