If you have experience with financial markets and/or an understanding of investing, you may be well served by our Advisory Management Service. This service affords you a more active, hands-on involvement with the management of your portfolio while giving you the flexibility and freedom to incorporate your own investment ideas, making the portfolio that much more bespoke.

As with the Discretionary Investment Management service, your funds are still deposited with us but you have the ultimate authority on whether or not we buy, sell or hold an asset in your portfolio. If we wish to purchase or dispose of an asset in your portfolio, we must obtain your permission before execution.

This services encourages you to avail yourself of the highly-relevant input of our investment professionals before making a decision. You’ll find that we are indeed a powerful ally when it comes to investing.

You’ll benefit from professional, efficient service and highly-transparent processes which ensure that you know exactly where your money is and what it’s doing for you.

Benefits at a glance

  • You benefit from access to carefully-selected recommendations and keep ultimate deciding authority.
  • You can call upon the expertise of our investment professionals as a “second opinion” on investment opportunities you source yourself.
  • You are kept fully informed of the portfolio’s performance on a monthly basis.
  • Your portfolio is managed by a qualified member of the Sino Link Japan portfolio management team.
  • You have direct access to the investment counselor and can discuss any portfolio-related matters with him/her.
  • Clients can access composition, allocation and overall/itemized valuations of holdings online using dedicated client web access portal.
  • Assets are held in nominee accounts offering unrivalled security.

Whether you choose to become a Discretionary or Advisory client, the goals remain identical; making investment simpler and more profitable for you.